Cold Steel Dealer Packet request information

For parties interested in becoming a dealer we need a copy of one of the following:

  1. Business License
  2. Tax Identification Number (A copy of the Form, not just the number)
  3. Federal Firearms License

This information may either be faxed in or emailed to us at one of the following: Fax number: 805-642-9727 (Attn: Sales) Email: We must have this information "Before" sending out a dealer package. Dealer package contains: color catalog, dealer price list, Absolute Proof DVD, credit application for terms. Dealer Program Information:

  • Minimum first time Opening Order Amount: $500
  • Each additional Minimum Order Amount: $250
  • Any order that meets at least $1,000 will qualify for free freight (Continental U.S. Only!).
  • Cold Steel does not have a drop ship program.
  • All orders must be pre-paid via credit card or C.O.D. Terms will be extended only upon approval of credit application

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